Re-Form Body Coaching . . .

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. . . developed out of the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  With the increasing need to stay-at-home, we felt the need to bring better movement function training, self-care, and tools to the individual.


With the advent of Zoom classes, clients are able to be personally coached in their home or office 1:1, to learn the basic principles they will need to understand and address their body's particular needs. Equipped with exercises designed specifically for them, and supplied with supportive tools if necessary, the client is empowered to begin bringing their body into better balance and alignment. 



Zoom group classes are encouraged to support continued progress in building more strength, flexibility and movement ease, and at-home coaching sessions can be repeated every two, four, or six weeks as needed/desired.

Besides focusing on the gains that are attributable to the practice of Pilates, namely to,

  • improve strength, balance, and flexibility

  • increase the mind/body connection

  • improve posture and core strength

  • increase lung capacity and circulation

  • improve bone health, and

  • improve movement patterns

we also aim to increase your confidence so that you might feel more proficient and safe in carrying out the activities in which you engage for work, daily living, and recreation.

Re-Form Body Coaching also allows us to target better function and injury prevention relative to the activities that you enjoy, for example:

  • Golf - Improve hip mobility, torso rotation and shoulder range of motion to empower your swing, while strengthening your core to prevent back pain and injury.

  • Swimming, tennis, skiing, dancing, running, walking - I challenge you to think of any athletic or movement activity that cannot benefit from better range of motion, and core strength!  Whatever your fancy, we aim to empower you to continue to enjoy it with greater movement ease.